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Our Featured Artist

Blest Jones

Jumping onto the music scene in July of 2015, Blest Jones has quickly proven that he has the talent and drive necessary to make it in the industry. He has a knack for deep vocal harmonies and deep lyrics. He has made some great tracks and songs that utilize this staple ability. This has caught him the attention of acclaimed artists like Sam Feldt, Avicii, Duskus, Just A Gent, LYAR, ADDAL, and other acclaimed artists around the globe.

Looking forward, the 19 year old singer is on the track of success in the industry, working as a vocalist for other big name producers and collaborating with other up and coming artists. He has proven that he can work in any circumstance and create something that can touch the hearts and souls of those who listen. With an album planned to come out soon and his first single scheduled for release Summer of 2016, he has so much planned for his fans.

Keep an eye on Blest in the future. Big things are going to come from him. Stay tuned. And please continue to support.